Stress Management Programs for Companies

Happy Daystress® programs (VIDEO) are focused towards comunication skills, conflicts management, relational leadership, giving feedback (focusing on observation rather than judgement), being able to make clear and focused requests to increase efficiency, productivity and self-care at work.

We also partner with Conekta for leadership development, high performance teams, change and uncertainty management, executive and team coaching.

Through exercises to increase awareness of one’s stress triggers, group dynamics & brainstorming, nonviolent communication techniques, yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques adapted to an office environment, Happy Daystress programs benefit senior management and their teams by:

  • Reducing the volume of stress
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Maximizing people’s potential
  • Bringing mental clarity
  • Improving people’s relationships
  • Impacting on people’s authenticity
  • Establishing a balanced and healthy work atmosphere
  • Creating sustainable well-being habits
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