Happy Daystress Method

The Happy Daystress® method focuses on a deep and sustainable learning.

We work with the rational mind (neo-cortex), emotional (limbic brain) and body (reptilian brain) for training, coaching and emotional support sessions.

In the trainings, we use games and awareness exercises, meditation and mindfulness techniques adapted to the work environment, and assertive and caring communication tools such as Nonviolent Communication.

For executive coaching, we use the Leadership Circle ProfileTM , a 360 evaluation tool, used by 150,000 leaders in the world and whose impact has been measured in terms of leadership effectiveness and performance.

The Creative Competencies of the tool measure how you achieve your results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, promoting your own development. Reactive Tendencies are leadership styles that emphasize caution, self-protection, compliance, and getting results through high-control tactics.

We also use existential coaching, based on neurolinguistic programming, Gestalt psychology, the character according to Enneagram.

All our sessions also consider individual energies, personality, emotion and physical body.

We provide sessions at the office, online or in nature in English, Spanish or French.

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