Relax at work- it is possible

For companies

Wanting to create a balanced work atmosphere, with senior management & employees able to manage their workload in a healthy and yet highly productive way

Happy Daystress planta

A high-impact program focused towards 3 stress triggers:

  • Pressure for results
  • Time management
  • Work relationships & conflicts


For you

Understanding oneself is more complex than it sounds. Situations generate emotions we don’t always recognise nor know how to deal with. Feel more confident, connect with your emotional intelligence and reach a coherence between what you feel, think and do and feel with a customised coaching process to manage stress generated by:

plante originale
  • Major Changes (personal or professional)
  • Life habits
  • Relationships, etc.


Happy Daystress person
Happy Daystress Yoga

In nature

If you need to get away from the noise and rush for a peaceful location to:

plante originale
  • Relax the mind and the body
  • Recharge your internal batteries
  • Achieve a physical, mental and emotional balance


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About me

My name is Annabel Lemétais. As Global Communication Manager of a US multinational for more than15 years, I suffered a lot of stress. When it started to impact my heath, I tried a wide range of solutions to finally become a yoga teacher and coach. I have then created Happy Daystress® with impactful tools to reduce stress levels among companies and individuals wishing to live a balanced life both on a personal and a professional level.


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