Individual sessions for You

  • Executive Coaching

Manage job pressure, improve communication skills, your ability to generate trust, manage your time efficiently and motivate your teams.

We use Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 evaluation tool which includes 29 reactive trends and creative competencies, to look deep into the leader’s operating system and the limiting beliefs that impact on their leadership.

  • Career Coaching 

Define the professional project that corresponds to who you really are, connect with your talents, confront changes, manage fears and beliefs, improve self-esteem, reach a balance between professional and personal life, improve your relationships, lower your stress and grow as a person and develop your action plan to make it happen.

Together we define your objective at the beginning of the process so that, within a set number of sessions (12 max), you are prepared and set to achieve it.

Emotional support session:

Share what you’re going through, what you find difficult to express or process, what hurts, here and now.

You’ll receive an empathic listening, without judgement, without minimising what you’re going through or comparing it with something worse.

Empathic listening, based on presence, openness and Nonviolent Communication togetehr with NLP techniques will help you achieve clarity, emotional relief, embrace yourself with care and compassion and feel empowered to take on the next steps you wish to pursue.