Individual Coaching Sessions

Using existential coaching based on neuro linguistic programming and Gestalt psychology, the coaching sessions, held in the strictest of confidence and without judgement of the challenges you are facing, this unique coaching technique considers your individual energy, personality, emotion and physical body.

Together we define your objective at the beginning of the process so that, within a set number of sessions, you are prepared and set to achieve it.

  • Career Coaching 

Define the professional project that corresponds to who you really are, confront changes, manage fears and beliefs, develop your action plan, improve self-esteem…

Manage job pressure, improve communication skills, your ability to generate trust, manage time and motivate your teams

  • Life Coaching 

Get to lead a healthier life (diet, sports, quit smoking, etc.), reach a balance between your personal and professional life, improve personal relationships, grow from within as an individual with sustainable well-being habits tuned specifically for you.